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  • What do I need to bring to the Pilgrimage?
    Walking gear, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, torch, tent, toiletries, first aid kit with blister plasters, food, water bottles, headscarf for women, rosary, phone for adults (so that they are contactable because of their children), cash.
  • Will I need to carry my luggage?
    No, at the start of the pilgrimage and at every campsite you will be able to load and unload your luggage into the pilgrimage van. Note that this van is not available at lunch stops.
  • Do I need to bring food?
    Bring reasonable supplies of food to keep you energised during the walk. For all pilgrims breakfast and dinner is provided. For the Family chapter, lunch is also included, but not for the Adult chapter. However, Adult chapter walkers can purchase lunch on-site or via the website, see booking page
  • Do I need to bring a tent?
    You can bring a tent or register to use the communal tent, 18 year olds + only. To book a place in the communal tent, please go to the registration page
  • Will there be a communal tent for sleeping?
    You can register to use the communal tent, 18 year old + only. To book a place in the communal tent, please go to the registration page
  • How do I get to the pilgrimage?
    Friday: AM: Train to Rochester PM: Train to Bearsted Saturday: AM: Train to Bearsted PM: Train to Charing Sunday: AM: Train to Chilham PM: Train to Canterbury Please discuss alternative arrangements with organisation team,
  • Can I bring my car to the pilgrimage?
    It is recommended not to bring your car to the pilgrimage. If it is necessary to bring your car, note that this is under your responsibility and the pilgrimage does not provide drivers to move the car from one campsite to another. Cars cannot be left during the day at the campsites.
  • Can I leave my car in Rochester?
    There are parking facilities at Rochester, however the pilgrimage does not arrange or reserve parking for pilgrims.
  • Can I leave my car at the campsite?
    Unfortunately, the campsites are closed during the day time, and cars will be towed away if left during these close times.
  • Can I bring my young child to the pilgrimage?
    Yes, this year the pilgrimage has created a new route that will be entirely pramproof. To follow this route, please register to the Family Chapter.
  • Can I cancel my pilgrimage registration and get a refund?
    Yes, please contact us at to request a refund. The admin fee is non-refundable.
  • Can I come for only part of the pilgrimage?
    Yes, you may join at the various checkpoints: lunch stops and campsites. Please inform us at
  • I cannot walk but want to help out.
    Please contact admin@canterburypilgrimage to offer your services to: - Admin team - Kitchen team - Campsite team - Driving team - Liturgy team - Cleaning team
  • Do I still need to pay to come to part of the pilgrimage?
    The pilgrimage is a non profit organisation and needs as much participation as possible to its heavy costs, so it is requested that all attendees pay the full contribution. Please address any issues to (inability to pay shouldn't be a reason to not come to the pilgrimage)
  • I can't afford to come to the pilgrimage.
    Inability to pay is not a sufficiant reason to miss the pilgrimage. Please address payment concerns to
  • How long is the adult chapter walk?
    Friday: c. 13 miles Saturday: c. 17 miles Sunday: c. 12miles
  • How long is the Family chapter walk?
    Friday: c. 5 miles Saturday: c. 8miles Sunday: c. 6 miles
  • Is the family chapter difficult?
    While the family chapter is less miles and more relaxed tempo, it remains unsutable for people with walking disabilities and elderly.
  • Can I walk the pilgrimage pushing a pram?
    Yes, but only within the Family Chapter walk.
  • Do I need to bring a missal?
    You may bring your missal, however the texts of the masses will feature in the Pilgrim's handbook which you can collect upon arrival.
  • Can I serve mass or join the choir?
    Yes, we are always looking for volunteers. Please contact
  • Will there be confessions at the pilgrimage?
    Yes, during mass and during the walk, a priest will be available to hear confessions.
  • Will I be able to speak to a priest at the pilgrimage?
    Yes, the priests will be accessible at defined times during the walk.
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